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C.I.Agent Solutions® specializes in the secondary containment industry and works with companies all over the world to meet their secondary oil containment needs. Secondary containment solutions in the utility industry has the reputation of being an expensive, but necessary cost of business to protect the environment from oil spills migrating into water sources. C.I.Agent Solutions® makes SPCC containment requirements affordable to meet. Our secondary containment systems, the Barrier Boom, HFF Oil Stop Valve, and Polyvinyl Liner, utilizes our C.I.Agent® polymers which solidifies oil into a recyclable rubber-like mass on contact and then acts as a barrier to prevent oil from leaving the containment area.

There is an estimated 5 million utility vaults and manholes in the United States – approximately 4 manholes to every one vault – and all of them have challenges. C.I.Agent Solutions offers a variety of sludge and dewatering equipment to help with your Vault and Manhole Maintenance for better wastewater management. They are the The VIPOR System, the Vault Sump Filters, the EVAC Filtration System, The Pump-It Tube Sediment Sack and the Hydrocarbon Detection Strips.

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