About Us – Fuel And Oil Spill Cleanup And Containment

We are a global leader in solutions for fuel and oil spill cleanup and containment

The founder, CEO and native Kentuckian, Dan Parker, has always displayed an entrepreneurial spirit. Starting at age 18, he owned and operated Dad’s Auto Imports in Louisville; a 24-hour vehicle repair shop. He has been involved in the development of used oil burning furnaces and waste management systems under his company name of OnSite Waste Management, and then renamed it Immediate Response Spill Technology (IRST). Dan came upon an opportunity to purchase a polymer whose owner claimed would solidify hydrocarbons. Dan purchased it and after hours of research and testing was able to create the ultimate hydrocarbon solidifying product, C.I.Agent®. The name of the company was changed from IRST to C.I.Agent Solutions® in 2000 to emphasize the challenges that could be solved with the company’s flagship product C.I.Agent. For the past 14 years, Dan and his management team has worked tirelessly to secure approvals from the regulatory community for permission to use C.I.Agent on hydrocarbon spills on the “navigable waters of the U.S.” in accordance of the Oil Pollution Act. Through extensive education and training, C.I.Agent is listed on the EPA National Contingency Plan Product Schedule and has pre-approval for use in several RRT Regions.

C.I.Agent Solutions’ team members are adaptable and ready to handle any challenges that come their way; nationally and internationally. Our team cleans up hydrocarbon releases, which can include crude oil, gas, diesel, solvents, peanut or vegetable oils, from all different industries. A steam vent that also releases hydrocarbons uses a C.I.Agent Solutions’ Top Hat filter. Over 9,000 substations across the world are using our C.I.Agent Barrier Boom and Polyvinyl Secondary Containment Systems. Water filtration products like the ECO Pump, the EVAC Filtration System and the Hydrocarbon Flow Filter keep hydrocarbons from entering our streams and lakes, and fire departments are using C.I.Agent Solutions’ products to quickly remove hazardous hydrocarbons from roadways to keep traffic moving.

Over 9,000 substations across the world are using our C.I.Agent Barrier Boom and Polyvinyl Secondary Containment Systems.

C.I.Agent Solutions gained national recognition through its work on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. In August of 2010, C.I.Agent Solutions was called upon to help with the cleanup of the Enbridge Release in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 2012, the Swedish National Coast Guard used C.I.Agent Solutions’ products to help with the cleanup of the Tjorn, Sweden spill. Our accomplishments have led to numerous awards for the company, including being named one of the 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Louisville, Kentucky from 2008 thru 2011, being honored with the Inc.Credible Phoenix Award for keeping the small company afloat while half of its manpower was in the Gulf of Mexico for four months, the International Environmental WorkBoat award, and in 2011 being honored with an Eagle award as the Small Business of the Year.

While great strides are being made in the U.S. towards more responsible environmental policies and practices, the culture of many European and other developed countries are generally much more progressive as it pertains to adaptation of clean up technologies. Given the international acceptance of such environmental issues, the potential for substantial international sales represent a significant growth opportunity. Currently C.I.Agent Solutions’ products have representation in Australia, Canada, Cameroon, Germany, Korea, Middle East, Panama, South Africa, The Scandinavian Countries, Trinidad, United Arab Eminence, and United Kingdom.

Different hydrocarbon releases require different, effective, environmentally-safe, and fast cleanup measures, and C.I.Agent Solutions has products in its arsenal to meet the challenges. The entrepreneurial and collaborative nature of the company has fostered a culture of continual new product development. Not only do we create new products, but we constantly find ways to improve our current products be it through new materials or processes. Known as a solutions leader, C.I.Agent Solutions’ management welcomes new challenges and the potential to expand the use of its products into new markets. Our years of engineering, experience, and proven installations can provide solutions and compliance at a fraction of the cost of older traditional solutions.

We are so confident in the quality and effectiveness of our products that we back them with a Pollution and Product Liability Insurance Policy – this is unheard of in our industry

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