What’s the 411 on Secondary Containment? Find Out on SlideShare

We’re currently brand new to the SlideShare arena, but very excited about using it moving forward as part of our overall marketing strategy. If you’re not familiar with SlideShare, it can be described as the “YouTube of PowerPoint.” Geared toward professionals, it’s a free social media site that provides a platform designed for sharing presentations. […]


Understanding Variables That Define Secondary Containment Systems Design

Throughout the years of providing secondary containment systems and solutions for utility companies, we’ve realized that the only constant in the design of C.I.Agent Barrier Boom and Polyvinyl Liner Systems is that there is no constant. Each site is unique, and requires a customized solution. The variables that make each site unique differ case by […]


OSHA Introduces New and Improved Safety Data Sheets in 2015

Manufacturers have them in binders scattered throughout their facilities. No products that use any sort of chemical substance (such as C.I.Agent® Polymers) are shipped without one. Employers with hazardous chemicals in the workplace are required to make them accessible to employees. Sometimes the information they provide is wrong, outdated, incomplete, or hard to find, which […]


Three Reasons Why Underground Utilities Need a Vault Sump Filter System for Christmas

Have you ever been in an underground utility vault? Chances are, probably not. Even though there are an estimated 5 million electrical utility vaults and manholes in the U.S. (approximately four manholes to every one vault), they’re not the most popular places. Dark, damp, often full of sludge and debris, or completely flooded, vaults and […]