C.I.Agent® VIPOR System Dewatering Equipment

The C.I.Agent® VIPOR System Dewatering Equipment is an automatic dewatering sump pump that provides oil containment and dewatering filtration.

The C.I.Agent® VIPOR System is an automatic dewatering equipment / sump pump that can be run with the confidence that sediment and oil will not be discharged. The VIPOR System’s main core provides complete shutoff in the event of a significant oil containment event. This is made possible by the use of C.I.Agent Solidifying Polymers that capture, contain and solidify harmful hydrocarbons. A dewatering pre-filter covers the core for added protection against sediment, debris and nuisance hydrocarbons keeping the main filter in good flowing condition. The sump pump used in the VIPOR System is a ½ HP.

The C.I.Agent® VIPOR System is an innovative BMP for keeping water levels low in underground vaults used in secondary containment. The VIPOR System uses proven oil containment technology to provide a safe and ensured compliant wastewater discharge from an application where an automatic dewatering sump pump is desired. The VIPOR System uses the same filtering concepts as the C.I.Agent Oil Filtration Panel and Hydrocarbon Flow Filter, which protects over 9,000 sub stations, transformers or any other applications that requires secondary oil containment needs.

The VIPOR System is suitable for situations of chronic water intrusion, sediment problems and risk of hydrocarbons. This would include underground utility vaults, substations, elevator shafts or other areas that contain oil or fuel equipment and can accumulate oil and water. Unlike unreliable oil switches, the VIPOR System’s filtering technology eliminates the possibility of oil discharge and provides full oil containment.

The VIPOR System has C.I.Agent oil-solidifying granules embedded in hydrophobic, lipophilic geotextiles that filters sheen and oil but allow water to flow through it. In the case of a significant oil release, C.I.Agent polymers will solidify the hydrocarbons and create a barrier to prevent any liquid to pass. The filter surrounds a fully submersible sump pump that is activated by a patented switch tested to millions of cycles.


VIPOR System Product Specifications

VIPOR System Product Specifications

  • 115 VAC 100% duty cycle pump motor
  • Integrated high cycle life switch
  • Filter height: 24”
  • Diameter of main filter: 11.5”
  • Diameter with pre-filter: 11.75”
  • Weight of pump w/filter: 54 lbs
  • Weight of filter: 10 lbs
  • The pump and filter will handle an in-flow rate of 30+ GPM with both the 50 and 1 micron pre-filters



  • C.I.Agent® VIPOR System will not pass sediment or hydrocarbons providing full oil containment
  • Allows safe, unattended wastewater discharges
  • Saves crew time from frequent manual dewatering
  • Keeps equipment in vaults in working order
  • Ensures compliance with wastewater discharge requirements
  • Robust pump and switch tested to millions of cycles
  • All encased in small simple footprint

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