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C.I.Agent Solutions works with a sister company called Aqualytical to provide water monitoring equipment / supplies and water diversion systems.


company specializes in water monitoring equipment and supplies

C.I.Agent® Continuous Low-Level Aquatic Monitoring (C.L.A.M.)


water monitoring equipment being used under water

It is used to sequester Pesticides, Herbicides, PAH’s, TPH, and other trace organics from water. The C.L.A.M. can be used in numerous applications for obtaining samples of urban water systems, rivers, monitoring wells, drinking water systems, watersheds and lakes, agricultural runoff, storm water and marine environments.

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C.I.Agent® Automatic Storm-water Diversion System (ASWDS)


water monitoring equipment used for storm water diversion

The ASWDS offers an affordable solution to comply with regulations put in place to keep wastewater from illicitly entering sanitary sewers via open sewer connections.

It requires little maintenance and comes with clear installation and configuration guides. It can be custom designed for each site and is much less expensive than roofing.

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